Community Action Ideas

Offer to help tend gardens at community centre Become a mentor to a younger kid Hold a car wash to raise money for a charity or service Sell unwanted items and give the profits to a needy cause Start a school recycling or awareness program Donate a portion of pocket money to charity Play card…


Topics for Assembly

Here are some topic ideas for Assemblies. The year is only a guide. Share your ideas on what could be added to this list. Year 7 Who can help? Attendance Charity Healthy eating Friendship Homework and organisation The importance of respect Healthy choices: caffeine, sugar and fizzy drinks Looking after yourself British values Cycling Proficiency…


Holly Tells Assembly She Has Autism

April is Autism Awareness Month and Holly wanted to help others understand what she goes through so held a special school assembly. Holly says she did it to answer questions her fellow students may have about the way she reacts to them. Students at the school say they admired her bravery.

Poetry Challenge

Year Four Poetry Challenge! Thanks to Reach Academy Feltham for producing this challenge. Contents Ozymandias  | Leisure | From a Railway Carriage | We Refugees | Sonnet 116 | Life Doesn’t Frighten Me | Stop all the Clocks | The Rainy Day | The Naming of Cats | Question Time | Dad Fell into the…


The Hypnotiser – Poems by Michael Rosen

Michael Rosen’s Poems about Kids Use the menu icon top left to choose a poem. Michael Rosen’s Poems and Stories for Kids’ Part 1 Michael Rosen’s Poems and Stories for Kids’ Part 2 Michael’s Book “The Hypnotiser” is out of print and is not being reprinted. This is a great way to experience the poems…