Poetry Readings

Why not organise a poetry Assembly where each student has to recite a poem from memory. You could have a theme for the poems or leave the choice entirely up to each student. Funny poems always go down well with the audience. Here’s a poem to get you started.   I Taught My Cat to…


Certificates for Teachers

Why not have an Assembly where you give certificates to the teachers. You can have lots of fun deciding on what the certificates could be about. Check with your tutor beforehand that none of the certificates will upset any of the teachers (just in case).


Knock Knock Jokes

You could run an Assembly on “JOKES”. Do you have any favourite Knock Knock jokes? Why not share your best ones suitable for a Primary School Assembly audience by replying to this post. Here are some of our favourite jokes to get the ball rolling. What do you call a boomerang that doesn’t work? What’s…


Save Our Planet

This song was written with the KS2 children from Eversley Primary School in 15 minutes in the middle of our show, “Project Earth Rock Live’.